Pupils at St. Francis are taught a wide range of strategies in order to help them read and write, including phonics. 

Through a combination of individual phonics sessions, clear modelling and varied opportunities for practise, pupils have fun learning effective strategies to help them read and spell words. Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils are taught during a 20 min phonics lesson each day using the Read Write Inc Programme. 

In each lesson pupils will: 

  • Review their previous learning
  • Be taught a new phonics skill
  • Practise their new skill 
  • Apply the skill in both reading and writing.

At the end of Year 1, pupils take part in a national phonics screening check; the results of which are shared with parents. Any pupils who do not reach the expected level by the end of Year 1 receive targeted support and are reassessed formally at the end of Year 2. 

Please find below some useful documents for parents to help support pupils learning at home: 

Here are also some useful websites for supporting Phonics at Home

A number of parents have asked if there were any links to iPad/iPhone/Smartphone/Android apps that were useful in supporting are just a few we have found: 

Other useful educational / learning apps across curriculum can be found by clicking this link: